Our Work

We invest and partner with teams who use technology to build valuable and lasting businesses, often in industries long overdue for change. Our best investments function as time machines that deterministically pull the future forward.

Among their many remarkable achievements, Mithril companies have…

Reshaped the future of minimally invasive surgery
Innovated modern fundraising tools for the social sector
Pioneered cutting-edge fusion energy
Reimagined silicon design for high-performance computing
Launched one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer internet platforms
Discovered breakthrough treatments for diabetes
Architected the emerging standard to power automated supply chains
Empowered the human immune system with category-leading antibody technologies
Transformed real-time geospatial intelligence with microsatellites and AI
Built the world’s largest B2B recurring technology services marketplace
Advanced regulated infrastructure for decentralized finance
Enriched grid resilience with AI-driven distributed energy storage
Spearheaded solutions for long-term epidemiological resilience
Developed advanced robots for safer, more precise, dental surgery
Created transformative data platforms for complex, and sensitive environments