Managing General Partner
and Founder


In 2012, Mithril launched with the mission of Building to Last, seeking and advancing projects to afford all a positive-sum future. We are a multi-billion-dollar family of investments backed by committed funds from an extraordinary group of investors anchored by Peter Thiel.

I view successful investing as a function of broadminded curiosity and deterministic alignment, leavened by constructive skepticism and capital discipline. Agnostic to sector, geography, and conventional credentials, this approach finds us invested and partnered with teams who use technology to build valuable and lasting businesses, often in industries long overdue for change. Each of these hidden champions is unique, but all face common challenges to unlocking long-term growth. We help navigate these critical inflection points, and we invest in size and with conviction.
Our best investments function as time machines that deterministically pull the future forward, positive examplars of the power laws intrinsic to venture capital. Among their many remarkable achievements, Mithril family companies have
  • pioneered compact, pulsed non-ignition fusion systems,
  • reshaped the future of robotic surgery,
  • reimagined power-efficient silicon for high-performance computing,
  • discovered breakthrough treatments aimed at eradicating diabetes,
  • redesigned the consumer internet around live, local, experiences,
  • revolutionized supply chains with embedded robotics and real-time AI,
  • spearheaded regulated infrastructure for decentralized finance, and
  • supercharged the human immune system with healing antibodies.
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