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World’s Largest Screen Zero Platform

Founded in 2019, Glance is the world’s largest live screen-zero platform, enabling consumers to experience the best of the internet on the lock screens of their smartphones. By delivering high-quality, AI- and human- curated content and live experiences right to the lock-screen, Glance breaks through the constraints of application architectures and linguistic markets to deliver rich, frictionless, and engaging experiences across a myriad of cultures and languages. Funded by Mithril, Google, and Reliance’s Jio Platforms, Glance is rapidly growing into a global top-10 (by MAU) consumer Internet platform, now present on over 400 million devices across India and South-East Asia. Glance’s expanding screen-zero platform includes Roposo, one of India’s leading short-video talent platforms, and Shop101, a full-stack ecommerce platform to power live interactive commerce. Home to over a million content creators, Roposo hosts over 25 billion video views per month and offers content in 12+ languages across 25 different user-generated channels including comedy, films, news, fashion, and sports. Shop101’s social e-commerce platform comprises a network of 10 million resellers and 10,000 supplier partners together serving customers across over 2000 towns across India.