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The leader in AI and Robotics Enabled Real-time Fulfillment Systems

GreyOrange delivers a comprehensive Fulfillment Operating System driven by an AI-enabled software system that integrates machine learning and proprietary robotics technology. The founders of GreyOrange understood that that tacking robots onto software built for earlier times improves fulfillment performance some…but not nearly enough. After all, those robots are simply hardware appendages limited by the capabilities of the software systems to which they interface. Instead, they built GreyOrange around GreyMatter, a fundamentally new Fulfillment Operating System that integrates robots rather than merely interfacing to them. Robots leverage GreyMatter software built into their core to communicate with other robots and with other enterprise software systems, creating continuous feedback between the algorithms in the software brain, thus enabling real-time coordination of operations on the floor. GreyMatter unlocks an entirely new layer of productivity and represents a major shift away from the fulfillment sector’s traditional reliance on batch processing. GreyOrange’s solutions power some of the world’s leading ecommerce companies, retailers, and third-party logistics specialists.